The weekly WrapUp - 18 Nov 12

Here we are for the second week of the WrapUp. So, what happened this week?

  • Steven Sinofsky left Microsoft: the head of Windows 8 officially left the company this week. Reasons are not totally clear but most of the speculation points to clash of personality with some other Microsft Executives and Ballmer himself. After something like that happened in Cupertino it seems that shipping a major product for Microsoft or Apple could cost your job.
  • The Nexus devices with Android 4.2 went for sale in the Play Store for the US (and the new added european countries) and rapidly sold out. Meanwhile the update to the final version of Android 4.2 was pushed in OTA. The new software adds the features that were previously blocked and improves the battery life of Nexus 4 (yeah, I was right) but unfortunately kills Dicember form your calendar. Andoid 4.2 is being pushed also to the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus but previous Nexii will not be updated
  • A Google wireless service in the works: according to the WSJ Big G is in discussion with Dish network to create a data only wireless service. The service could be an earthquake in the market and give the carriers a run for their money, let's just hope the rumors are true.
  • Google Maps for iOS could be in advanced testing stage and soon ready to be submitted to the App Store. After Apple threw the service out of the door with iOS 6 in the effort to out Google from their ecosystem and faced the consequences, the road is clear for Google to claim the maps business back (unless they menage some very big mess up with the app).
  • First reviews of Wii U are in and give mixed opinions about the new play dynamics and the good enough graphic performance but mostly give a positive verdict 
  • Rumors of a sale of AMD surfaced again and were promptly denied by AMD's CEO reaffirming that the company is on the right path to a great come back. I hope so for some Intel competition.

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