Apple in 7" - Act II

Some more figures are floating around about the iPad Mini pricing.

As reported by 9to5mac the iPad Mini base model (16GB Wifi only) will likely sell for 329$ and the build cost is estimated at little less than 200$ by Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities. The same sources estimate the top model price at 659$ for a 250$ cost.

If you look at the cost breakdown table you will notice that the cost is estimated considering a 163ppi display. That's not Retina!
 That leaves us with two possibilities:
  • If the device in the end has a Retina display the cost will be higher and the margin quite low for Apple standards. Anyway we're not talking of Kindle-Fire-low margins..
  • If  the display is indeed standard resolution the device quality will be on par/below the competition but with a considerably higher price point. In a 
The scenario seems in part consistent with what I pointed out in my previous post but we will know for sure in less than 24 hours.

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