My first carrier rant

The other day I was browsing forums and found some people complaining about a possible block of WhatsApp file transfers on their carrier network. That's the same carrier I use so I tested right away and found out I don't have such a restriction. Anyway this is nothing new.. in the beginning came Skype: block VoIP. Than tethering: block it too. Instant messaging is next in line want it or not. Then what?

The thing is, I don't get the carriers reasoning.. Let's rephrase it, i totally get it: You hurt my core business, I stop you. But I think it's the crying of the dying giant. Basically they have been selling us 20 years old services (Voice and SMS) at todays price making good money for quite some time. And where did all this money go? In network improvement? Cost reductions? I'don't think so. Now that data is the big thing, the network is antiquate and the carriers are in a bad spot for limited foresight.

So what should they do now? What they should have done years ago: regain focus, spend money on the network and cut all the fat to make the bare selling of data more profitable. No one needs carriers spending big money developing services and crapware for our smartphone because, with a good network, we can download better ones. 

It's perfectly legal to add strange restrictions to the service agreements instead of moving forward, but it sure doesn't look good to the customer and, in the end, making customers unhappy is always a bad choice.

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